What is Way?

Tired of going to the library only to find there’s nowhere to sit? Way can show you which buildings have space to work with real-time tracking.

Way has built in wayfinding features! It can tell you where any room on campus is, complete with floor plans and natural language directions. Built for both iOS and the web Way is a multi-use platfrom with the web verison providing easy to read analytics data to be shown on the screens around a University campus and the web version displaying capacity data with the advantage of maps and floorplans.

How does it work?

Way utilises iBeacons to provide accurate location based notifications around campus and track the number of users in each building. The iPhone makes this tracking possible by sensing when a user is in a building. This data is then updated in real time on the campus screens and all other users iPhones to provide useful analytics data. And don't worry, its 100% anonymous!

The future

I decided to build Way because of my frustration with finding my way to rooms on campus with obscure numbers and names, and struggling to find room to work with friends in the university buildings. With Way you are easily able to see what buildings have free space making this effortless. In the future I can see Way being used not only in universities, but in airports, shopping malls and schools!

Project Details

Date: June, 2017

Categories: X-Code, Swift, Adobe CC

Tagged: Flat, UI, Development, iBeacons, Mapbox

Client: University Project



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