Designing an interesting infographic

This was a university project in which we had to pick a topic from a selection of 5. Mine covered meteor strikes mapping the location of the worlds largest craters. The research behind the poster focused on using a retro-futuristic style. I felt my course mates focused on “flat design” heavily so I wanted to pick a style that evokes a feeling of futurism and outer-space. Retro-futurism is an interesting style that I think worked well with the concept of the brief.

I designed the poster initially on paper and completed the final design on Adobe Illustrator (as required by the brief). The vector graphic style lended itself very well to the retro futuristic style.

Read more on the infographic design process on my blog.

NASA retro-futuristic poster

Project details

Date: Janurary, 2015

Categories: Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

Tagged: Retro-futurism, Illustration

Client: University Project


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