July 2014: Invirt Reality, Yeovil

I initially wanted to have a work placement at Invirt Reality because I was very excited about their on going projects. They were a company working on VR development from an early stage and were one of the first focusing on Games for serious applications. In my time at Invirt Reality I developed their first iteration website which was used for 2+ years. The website was based of the Unity Development website I had already created and updated once the company had re-branded as “Invirt Reality”.

Unity 3D: Experience:

Alongside the web development which I was already fairly comfortable doing, I had a chance to learn how to use the Unity 3D game engine, in which Invirt Reality create their serious games applications such as oil rig safety training and aircraft emergency simulations. These were all developed to work with various VR headsets.

Social Media:

As Invirt Reality had recently re-branded I also took on the role of managing all of their social media. Initially I created their accounts on Linkedin, twitter, Facebook and Google plus. I then wrote the copy for their bios and managed the feeds and posts during my time at the company.

Client facing role:

Working in a startup like Invirt Reality allowed me to be in a client facing role a lot of the time. I attended interviews and pitches where I learned a lot of the skills I carried forward into university briefs for real clients and in my freelance work as a designer and developer.


My time at Invirt Reality was the most interesting work placement I’ve had. I experienced a lot, from working in a client facing role in the tech industry, doing design work for websites and game applications and getting to play with a lot of cool new tech. I Definitely experienced a lot.

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Date: August 2014

Categories: Unity 3D, Web Development, Adobe CC

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Client: Work Placement


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