What is Holton Lee?

Holton Lee is a wellbeing discovery centre set in 350 acres of beautiful and tranquil Dorset countryside.

With a particular understanding of disabilities and mental ill-health, Holton Lee runs a diverse programme designed to benefit the whole person – promoting physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing.

How doe it work?

Holton Lee visitors are able to use the location services on their iPhone to navigate the estate. Location based info cards appear at points of interest such as the iron age hut or various sculptures around the estate.

The design/development process

This project was developed as part 'Studio 119' as part of a live brief for Holton Lee. For this project I took the lead designer role. I created mockups for the app including logos, icons and maps. I also assited in the development of the app working specifically on user location and mapping of the various routes.

Project details

Date: June, 2016

Categories: X-Code, Swift, Adobe CC

Tagged: Flat, UI, Development

Client: University Project


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