What is Easel?

Easel is a php based website where users can share images with each other.

The aim of the site was to create an easy to use artwork sharing web app. A sort of Instagram for artists.

This was a university task that required a web app to be developed using php. This was my first attempt at a php based website so the functionality was fairly basic, but it gave a good insight into the use of SQL and content management with php.


The website itself had to offer read / write restrictions. The core functionality therefore offered a user registration page to create an account on the database and then a log in option once the user created their account. The website allowed visitors to view each others work without logging in. However, once a user registers and logs in they have the ability to upload a photo or artwork.

Project detials

Date: February, 2015

Categories: PHP, Bootstrap, Adobe CC, HTML, CSS

Tagged: Flat, UI, Development, PHP

Client: University Project


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