What is Capsule?

A text based Geo-Location game centering around online privacy conspiracy.

ISD is a security company that has an app that claims to be the ultimate solution to keep all of your online data safe. The ISD employee that created the security app finds out it is being exploited. So he takes it upon himself to expose ISD with the help of the You (The user).

How do you play?

Users are tasked with exploring the Bournemouth Seafront region. Certain locations unlock digital geo-caches, each with an individual clue leading them to the next data fragment. Each fragment contains part of the conspiracy, adding to the story as each location is unlocked.

The design/development process

I have designed and devloped Capsule from the ground up and have submitted a working prototype. Along with the app itself we were tasked with creating a 40 page dossier documenting the design and development of the app (available for download below). I used Adobe Illustrator to design the bulk of the graphics for the app, and Photoshop for mockups and accompanying graphics. The app was coded in X-Code in Apple's Swift programming language. This was quite challenging at first but has quickly become my favourite programming language. I look forward to more iOS projects in the future to build on my skillset.

Project details

Date: Janurary 13, 2016

Categories: X-Code, Swift, Adobe CC

Tagged: Flat, UI, Development

Client: University Project


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